Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amy is Angry

And now a change of pace for this site. And a change of author.

My good friend Amy heard on NPR how officials in Imperial County, Calif., have taken it upon themselves to defend Prop 8. Since California's governor and attorney general refuse to defend it, agreeing as they do with the federal judge's ruling that the marriage ban is unconstitutional, Imperial County honchos are stepping into the breach. Such heroes.

Is Amy ever mad. Below is her passionate letter to the county supervisor who was quoted in the radio story:

Dear Supervisor Terrazas,

I listened with a heavy heart to your interview on NPR yesterday morning.
I’ve heard about the efforts in Imperial County that favor
withholding marriage rights to committed, loving couples, but to hear
such justification for discrimination from a leader is heartbreaking.

I am a nurse who has cared for Hispanic families--much like the
majority of people in your Imperial Valley--for more than fifteen
years. In Albuquerque, I worked at a county hospital in obstetrics
and worked hard for my laboring patients, carrying a battered
English/Spanish dictionary in my back pocket and welcoming the extended
family that often came to celebrate a birth. I then moved to Seattle
and cared for migrant workers--often Hispanic, often poor, and in dire
need of the primary care I provided. I found my patients to be kind,
fair-minded, reasonable people that valued family. That is why I
feel compelled to write this note to you.

Your opposition to marriage equality in Imperial County can’t really
be about religion, because we both learned in Sunday School about
Jesus preaching love and inclusiveness, and the Golden Rule. And,
there really can't be much of a threat to traditional marriage since
gay marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for five years and the
lowest divorce rate in the nation happens to be held by Massachusetts.
Could it be the residents of El Centro have become pawns for this so-called
group “Advocates For Faith and Freedom” that is funding your

As a leader, I imagine your struggles are great. But when it comes to
equality, please set a strong example.

I encourage you to open your heart and mind to what marriage is really
about. If you are fortunate enough to be happily married, as I am,
then how can you really deny someone else that right?

In peace,

Amy Coe, RN, NP
Boston, MA