Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Save Our Kids

This has been a notable month for the LGBT community. In September there's been a whole lot of DADT action (see the column below), and four young men who attended Bishop Eddie Long's megachurch have accused the prominent homophobe of coercing them into sex when they were teenagers (don't see the column below as it doesn't exist yet).

But to my mind the biggest story of the month is the one you may not have heard. Three boys in their early teens killed themselves in September. They lived in Indiana, Texas and California. Relentless antigay bullying took them all.

Their parents grieve, and we grieve. They died for nothing.

Perhaps we can give their deaths some meaning. Yes, folks, this means making a real effort. Get back here—I see your finger wandering to the escape button. We need to get involved. We need to save our kids.

Dan Savage had a great idea. He's launched a YouTube channel——providing video proof to LGBT youth that their lives will improve.

What else can we do? If you have a suggestion, large or small, please leave it in the comments section. It's time to do something, anything. Some among us have been struggling against youth suicide for a long time. They need the rest of us to join in. Think of it as the biggest gay party ever.