Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God on Our Minds

Over the weekend I went to see "Mississippi Queen," a documentary about an out lesbian returning home to Mississippi to make sense of the fact that her parents run an ex-gay ministry.

PFLAG parents these were not.

In addition to her parents, Paige Williams interviewed other Christian folks. I'm still ruminating over the two female ex-gays. Both gals had given up women and weren't involved with men. When asked about missing intimacy, one said she had an intimacy with God.

My snort was heard 'round the theater.

Right, I thought, that's satisfying. Girl, you've cut yourself off from human contact. That's a gigantic void God can't fill. All to satisfy a small-minded interpretation of the Bible. The other woman said something like she was in relationship with God, so both ex-lesbians were looking at a future with God as their significant other. I trust he'll at least pay for dinner.

But later I got to thinking. Gurus, nuns, priests, monks, mystics—there are people for whom God is enough. They actually are in relationship with him or her, and that relationship supersedes all others.

My partner Anne, who long ago journeyed out of Christian fundamentalism, summed it up, "The ex-gay movement shouldn't be dismissed out of hand, but it certainly has its roots in grotesque religious homophobia."

If God really is enough for these two women, then may they be happy. But I don't think most ex-gays hear a call that divine. I think they hear a bellow of condemnation here on earth.

It makes me want to hand out earmuffs. God's call will pass through them; the bellow of the hypocrites who cherry-pick the Bible will not.