Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Luck of the Gay Irish

Here's a shocker. Ireland might get a gay president.

Not long ago a leprechaun would've had a better chance, so something has shifted in this conservative Catholic nation.

Sen. David Norris, a James Joyce scholar, told the Guardian his candidacy resulted from a Facebook campaign urging him to run. Opinion polls have him leading in next year's race for president.

It's a mostly symbolic position, which would be appropriate, since his election would be one helluva symbol to the whole world.

Norris knows that: "Anybody else elected as president of Ireland I don't think is going to get the same kind of sensational news coverage. And I think that's splendid, because if I went to Washington as president every single news channel will be there hungry for a story. I have been around long enough to deal with that story with dignity and then move on to talk about Ireland, to sell our country."

If he's selling, I'm buying.