Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Sunday Stroll on Campus

Since I was going to be spending an afternoon in Greenville, S.C., I decided to take a stroll on the campus of Bob Jones University, one of the most conservative schools in the nation.

How conservative? BJU prohibited interracial dating until 2000. The school will prohibit gay dating until 3000.

As I walked around, I was mildly concerned that some sensor in the ground would identify me as a lesbian Unitarian and I'd be catapulted over the gate.

I wanted to get the feel of the campus, see what the students looked like, maybe talk to some about, oh, homosexuality.

I got the feel of the campus, all right: It felt dead. On a glorious Sunday afternoon, hardly a soul was about. The library, campus store, coffee shop—all closed. The few students I saw were dressed up and apparently headed for something spiritual.

I know the Soulforce riders visited Bob Jones U on their bus tour of homophobic schools. I hope they didn't go on a Sunday.