Friday, February 18, 2011

Facebook Catches Up

Facebook has added two new ways for users to describe their relationship status. Along with single, engaged, married, widowed, "it's complicated" and other options, Facebook now offers "in a domestic partnership" and "in a civil union."

I noticed on my Facebook page that a couple of my friends had already switched to the new options. Since I'm always the last to make any change that involves technology, I decided to surprise everyone and do it now.

Then I forgot whether I was in a domestic partnership or a civil union. Really. I spend so much time writing about all the marriage variations these days, I couldn't remember which one I signed up for.

Oh, right, I live in Washington. That means domestic partnership. I'm a card-carrying—if absent-minded—domestic partner. The card in my wallet lists my partner's name, which fortunately I had not forgotten.

On my Facebook profile I chose "in a domestic partnership." Facebook promptly told me my partner would have to verify that. I was indignant.

Then another thought struck me. What if she denies it?