Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gay Suds

If you like your beer queer, head to Mexico.

Seattle Gay News reports the Minerva brewery in Jalisco cooked up a brew aimed at the Mexican LGBT community.

The beer is brewed with organic honey and malt, and the recipe, said Minerva's president, "infuses the beer with a citrus flavor that appeals to the taste of the LGBT community."

Even our beer tastes like a cocktail.

The brew is called "Purple Hand," after a 1969 brouhaha in San Francisco. On Halloween night, activists protested outside the San Francisco Examiner over a series of homophobic articles. Newspaper employees dumped purple ink on the protesters, who then stamped purple handprints all over downtown.

I trust Purple Hand doesn't turn your hands purple. Although a nice lavender shade might be acceptable.

The new microbrew has proved popular—the first 500 cases sold out.

Brewery president Dario Rodriguez Wyler said, "We've received a lot of criticism about whether we were excluding heterosexuals, and yes, it is a product directed exclusively to the LGBT community."

But if any well-intentioned straight person wants to join us in a citrusy brew, I'm pretty sure we'd share.