Friday, February 25, 2011

Ted Haggard Today

If you're interested in where Ted Haggard is now and what he's up to, check out The Advocate's cover story on the fallen evangelical bigwig.

The magazine asks "Is This a Face You Can Trust?" My answer is "About as Far as I Could Throw It." But Haggard, with his new church, might do the world some good.

Randy Welsh, who attended Haggard's mega-church back in the day and now attends his mini-church, said Haggard has shifted. “He was a little too full of himself, a little arrogant, a little overconfident in his own abilities back then,” Welsh said. “He was more apt to use people for his own purposes rather than to help people. But the walls are down now. Now he’s more of a real person, more humble, there’s no question about it. Best I can tell — and I probably know him as well as anyone — there’s nothing else in his closet.”

Better hope not.