Tuesday, March 15, 2011

El Paso's Pinhead

Malcolm McGregor III is running for the El Paso City Council. He's also running his mouth off.

The conservative Christian offered an El Paso TV station his take on the Japan disaster: "Japan had built tsunami walls along their coasts, but this tsunami was bigger than that. No matter what you say, they either weren't blessed with protection or they were cursed with an earthquake," opined McGregor. "God did say, Christ did say that earthquakes would increase in the last days and that's what we're seeing."

If these are the last days, why is he bothering to run for city council? He should put his feet up and wait to be Raptured. I know I'm looking forward to the day he's taken.

Prior to McGregor's insightful analysis, he was best known for being part of El Pasoans for Traditional Family Values, the group behind a ballot measure, approved by voters, rescinding benefits for city workers' same-sex and unmarried opposite-sex partners.

McGregor wants to bring his conservative Christian views to municipal government. And presumably the election of this fine Christian would mean the city of El Paso would be "blessed with protection." He'd be the city's giant condom.