Monday, March 21, 2011

Ramos and the Texas Termites

Lately there's been no shortage of loud-mouthed Texans. Malcolm McGregor, an anti-gay El Paso City Council candidate, said the Japanese earthquake and tsunami might have been God's curse (see below).

Not to be outdone, Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Dan Ramos compared gays to termites.

Never mind the song. These days going deep in the heart of Texas seems not so appealing.

Ramos told the San Antonio Current that gays in the party had both undermined his authority and caused a bad county election outcome in 2010. “They are all connected to the gay Democratic Party, the so-called Stonewall Democrats. Just like termites they managed to get some of their people in key positions,” said Ramos.

If you're a gay man and want to make a joke about eating wood, it goes right here.

Ramos, who said he opposes homosexuality for religious reasons, thinks Stonewallers don't reflect the values of Bexar County voters. “I liken them to the Tea Party — the Tea Party and the fucking Nazi Party — because they’re 90 percent white, blue-eyed, and Anglo, and I don’t give a fuck who knows that. Just like the blacks … they’re American, but you can’t get your way just because you’re black.”

And with that dazzling display of prejudice, Ramos managed to antagonize not one but two core constituencies of his own party.

The head of the state Democrats called on Ramos to resign, and the Texas Stonewall Democrats called on him to resign or apologize, which seems a fairly generous response after being likened to Nazis. And termites.

In a follow-up piece, the San Antonio Current provided more tidbits from the interview. Ramos often blames anti-Hispanic racism for divisiveness at party meetings, so the paper asked whether race or sexual orientation concerned him more. His response will send your jaw to the floor.

“I go back to an old very well-used slogan: blacks wanted to get their way because they were black. What it is, is we have a very, very sinister movement in which you don’t know, at the end of the day, you didn’t even know that your next door buddy, your bosom fishing buddy was gay. That, I guess, goes to my belief in the religious thing. Look: this is not natural. This is like a kid who was born with a polio leg, you can’t kill him and you can’t sweep him under the rug. … I’m glad that Texas has not yet come to where gays can adopt children … because the poor kids have already come from a troubled family and then to be ‘hey, how come my momma is my daddy type of deal.’ It’s not natural.”

We can't kill kids with polio? Damn, what fun is that?

When defending himself over his comments, Ramos declared he's fought for civil rights for decades. “I feel equal opportunity is meant for everyone that is being violated, regardless of who they are,” Ramos said. “All I said was that equal opportunity should not be used as a umbrella to gain any kind of advantage over other people. It is pretty obvious that the advantage they [Stonewall Democrats] take is way beyond the pale. Certainly, all the people with handicaps, I represent them all the time.”

Everyone with "handicaps" would be happy if he stopped.