Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Role in the Rapture

The Rapture is tomorrow. That's according to Harold Camping, the 89-year-old who heads Family Radio, a network of Christian radio stations. Camping has gotten more than 15 minutes of fame out of his prediction that May 21 is the date when good Christians will shoot off to heaven.

I've read how Camping arrived at that date by examining biblical passages and employing mathematical calculations. What I hadn't read, until I went to Family Radio's Web site today, is that gay rights are an indicator of the end.

These fundamentalists never miss an opportunity, do they?

But this time we're not being blamed for a simple hurricane or bird flu. This time we're to blame for destroying the world. Camping is a fellow who thinks BIG.

On the Family Radio homepage here on Rapture Eve, amidst articles about Judgment Day "facts," sits an offering called "Gay Pride: Sign of the End." We're the only group to be singled out like that. Such an honor.

Camping starts his commentary with this: "The world-wide success of the Gay Pride/Same Sex Marriage movement is a dramatic sign provided by God to warn the world that the world is on the threshold of Judgment Day."

Apparently God supports Prides—I always thought that was Absolut's job—in order to show the end is near. Humans are supposed to grasp the "obviously parallel situation" with Sodom. It had a bad end, so people today can expect the same.

Our desire to be treated equally has brought the world to the abyss. Geez, when I went to Pride the most I hoped for was candy and stickers. Ending the world never really entered into it.

Tomorrow, when Camping finds he's still on terra firma, how will he react? Shrug? Wail? Kill himself?

I hope not. I hope he begins to think differently about everything. But I doubt he will. More likely he'll recalculate a new Rapture date. Until that date, we'll keep doing our part by fighting for our rights. We're on a mission from God.