Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking the Low Road

Since my budget for publicizing the General Gayety blog is beyond limited, I often use the free options.

Recently I got what I paid for.

I've been placing ads on Craigslist touting my humor-driven LGBTQ site. Someone named Trish, or someone using her e-mail address, sent this reaction: "You fags make me sick, normal people don't want to see that shit."

I stewed over whether to react, and if so, how. Carp at her for assuming I'm a guy? Make fun of her run-on sentence?

Should I take the high road and write a treatise on how society has conditioned her to react that way and I'd be happy to help her sort out fact from fiction?

This is what I wrote back: "Off to Oz with you. You need a heart and a brain."

I didn't take the high road. I took the yellow brick road. I'm not proud of attacking back. But the hate can be so wearing.