Wednesday, June 1, 2011

San Francisco Jaunt

Over the holiday weekend my partner Anne and I enjoyed the San Francisco hospitality of our friend Clare. Naturally we dropped in on the Castro. Sadly, at A Different Light we found nothing left but the awning. The gay bookstore, serving the community since 1985, has dimmed its (different) lights.
On the plus side, the Castro recently became home to the nation's first GLBT history museum. It's small but ambitious, displaying artifacts from across the GLBT spectrum. It's San Francisco-centric, but a kick for folks from everywhere.
Current displays include the clothes lesbian pioneers Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon wore when they were the first same-sex Californians to be married in 2004 and again in 2008. Aside from those belonging to Hillary Clinton, pantsuits don't get more historic. Note Harvey Milk's bullhorn in the background.
Queer beer, anyone? Apparently not. The Queer Brewing Company didn't last long.
A sign of the times, namely the late '70s, when orange-juice spokesman Anita Bryant led a crusade in Florida against gay rights. Ah, Anita, we knew you well. But you didn't have a clue about us.
A fun creative outlet.
Across the street from the museum, Anita Bryant's worst nightmare.