Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Shot of Honesty

Stephen Sweeney, the president of the New Jersey state Senate, fessed up. He said he blew it when he withheld his support for gay marriage last year, calling it the "biggest mistake" of his political life.

"I made a decision purely based on political calculation to not vote for marriage equality," the Gloucester Democrat said yesterday. "I failed in my responsibility as majority leader to actually lead. I was wrong."

Yes he was. He was, he was, he was.

But his confession on the Senate floor that he abstained from voting solely to cover his political rump is a welcome shot of honesty.

Of course, it also served a purpose. His words came at the end of a speech in support of a controversial bill of his; Sweeney pledged that his votes would no longer be based on political gain.

What a concept. I think the earth just moved off its axis.

Sweeney has expressed regret before that he didn't support marriage equality. "One of the things I was told is your vote lives longer than you do," he told the Star-Ledger earlier in 2011. "I'll live with that mistake for the rest of my life."