Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Dancing" and That Ain't All

I've confessed before that television shows have a way of slipping by me.  But even I am aware that the latest version of "Dancing With the Stars" includes openly trans Chaz Bono and openly gay Carson Kressley.  So I am openly paying attention.  Kind of.

I checked out The Washington Post's TV blog for an update, and, whew, Bono and Kressley are still in the running, er, dancing.

The Post cracked me up on the subject of contestant and pro basketballer Ron Artest:  "The judges have started calling Ron 'Metta World Peace,' as Artest legally changed his name to that moniker last week. We don’t want to call him that, however, as it’s an insult to the world, and possibly to peace."

All thoughts of world peace and dancing LGBT's fled my head when I saw these words off to the side:  "Ted Haggard will swap wives with Gary Busey on reality show."