Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Evergreen State Goes For It

Here in the state of Washington, we do not have gay marriage.  We have domestic partnerships, which provide all the rights of marriage.  But you and I know that's not good enough, and now comes word that the push is on.

Drama, thy name will be Washington.

Yesterday, Washingtonians were introduced to Washington United for Marriage, a coalition of civil-rights, labor and religious groups, formed to press for the whole marriage enchilada.  In the legislature, Democrats will introduce marriage legislation.  They say they have the votes in the state House, but in the state Senate?  Not so much.

Coalition leaders told The Seattle Times "their strategy will include a simple appeal for all gay and lesbian couples and their supporters to share their personal stories about what marriage equality would mean to them."

Ooh, ooh—I'm raising my hand—I can do that!

To get those stories out, the coalition will hold town halls all over the state.  "That is going to create the conversation we need ... so we can win in the Legislature," said one of the organizers.

This push for real marriage is what anti-gay forces feared and predicted with each step toward domestic partnership.  If they view gay marriage as the final battle, things are going to get mighty testy in the Evergreen State.

Will Washington become the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage?  Place your bets.  Better yet, tell your stories.