Friday, December 21, 2012

Good Choice

From LGBT Equality World Wide

Taking One for the Team

No longer is the gay-rights movement an amateur affair.  Professional activists can find themselves moving around the country to take jobs at a variety of LGBT organizations.

Yesterday's Facebook post by Iowa's LGBT advocacy group made this modern mobility clear:

The One Iowa office will be closed today due to the snow
storm. We're staying home, hunkering down, and staying
safe! We hope you are too!

If you need to reach us, please email us. We apologize for
any inconveniences.

And yes, our Communications Director, Molly Tafoya who is
from Hawaii, is absolutely freaking out.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Week's Quote

I've never yet met a man who could look after me.  I don't need a husband.  What I need is a wife.

Joan Collins

Source:  Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations

Fab Irish Ad for Marriage Equality

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Week's Quote

Like dear St. Francis of Assisi I am wedded to Poverty:  but in my case the marriage is not a success.

Oscar Wilde

Source:  Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations

He's a Hoot

From Wipe Out Homophobia

Monday, December 10, 2012

Just Wait'll They Get to the Laundry

Tears, Confetti, Candy and the Governor

Yesterday was the first day same-sex couples here in Washington could legally marry.  I went to Seattle City Hall and cheered for the couples as they descended the stairs in front of the building after being wed, and I attended the fabulous reception held for everybody at the Paramount Theatre.

I've seen a lot of pictures of yesterday's events, and my favorite collection is from Matt Stopera of BuzzFeed.  Click here to see the moments that gave him the chills.

Like him, I got a charge out of seeing the "Sorry" sign, the married cop and the polka-dot socks.  And when the two young guys with their tiny baby walked down the steps as my partner and I and our friends clapped, a man next to me said, "That's my grandchild.  Twenty-seven days old."

I congratulated him heartily while internally dissolving into a Seattle puddle.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Question of the Week

What does Pearl Harbor Day mean to you?

Big News Today

From NBC News:

"The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to take its first serious look at the issue of gay marriage, granting review of California's ban on same-sex marriage and of a federal law that defines marriage as only the legal union of a man and a woman.

"At the very least, the court will look at this question: When states choose to permit the marriages of same-sex couples, can the federal government refuse to recognize their validity?  But by also taking up the California case, the court could get to the more fundamental question of whether the states must permit marriages by gay people in the first place."

Break out your finery, kids.  Gay marriage is going uptown.

Announcement Required When Gay Goes Bi

From George Takei

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage Gets Rolling in Washington

It's begun.  First, the marriage licenses.

Just after midnight King County Executive Dow Constantine signed a marriage license for Jane Abbott Lighty on the left and Pete-e Peterson on the right.  The couple, from West Seattle, have been together for 35 years.  I'd say the odds are good the marriage will stick.

The Pierce County Auditor's Office shared this photo on Facebook of its first couple in line.  John McCluskey and Rudy Henry, and I don't know if that's McCluskey or Henry being interviewed, have been an item for almost 54 years, reported The News Tribune. According to Equal Rights Washington, the duo took a cabulance to the auditor's office.  They plan to marry Dec. 15 at a Methodist church in Tacoma.  I've never seen a cabulance with "Just Married" on the back.

Here's a picture from Spokane, courtesy of the Inland Northwest Business Alliance.  Retired Air Force Maj. Margaret Witt (wearing the gray scarf) and her partner Laurie Johnson (at the other end of Witt's lips) were among the first to get a marriage license in Spokane County. Witt was a public face of the fight against Don't Ask, Don't Tell . . .

 . . . and so was retired Army Reserve Col. Grethe Cammermeyer, here on the left bussing longtime partner Diane Divelbess after they received their marriage license from the Island County Auditor's Office.  Photo credit to Richard Wood.

 It's been quite a day and it's only 1:30 in the afternoon.

Three days from now is when couples can actually get married.  Lighty and Peterson plan to do just that, marrying Sun. evening during a Seattle Men's Chorus performance.  The duo should receive one hell of a serenade.

The Pope Is Now on Twitter

Warning! Warning!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jesus H. Christ on a Raft

From Wipe Out Homophobia

Elephant Logic

This Week's Quote

I've had enough of being a gay icon!  I've had enough of all this hard work, because, since I came out, I keep getting all these parts, and my career's taken off.  I want a quiet life.  I'm going back into the closet.  But I can't get back into the closet, because it's absolutely jam-packed full of other actors.

Ian McKellen

Source:  The Mammoth Book of Great British Humor

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Question of the Week

What gift would you like to receive this holiday season?

Avoiding Gay-Nup Slip-Ups

Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat explores the brave new world of the Washington marriage license.  I assume officials in Maine and Maryland are likewise struggling.

You May Now Kiss the Applicant

by Danny Westneat

Skip Moore is trying his damnedest not to offend anyone.

"You know what that means," he says. "That means I'm probably going to offend everyone."

Moore is the Chelan County auditor, in Wenatchee. Like all keepers of official records around the state right now, he is fretting over how best to update a document that hasn't been changed much in his lifetime: the marriage license.

Gone from the official form, tentatively, are the words "groom" and "bride." Gender-specific terms won't necessarily work as of next Thursday, when same-sex marriage becomes legal here.

But what to replace them with? That seems as elusive as true love.

The state Department of Health has come out with its suggestion: "Spouse A" and "Spouse B."

Which sounds more like a divorce proceeding than a wedding.

"It drains the romance right out of it, doesn't it?" Moore said.

Other counties are trying other words. Spokane County is going with Applicant A and Applicant B, with check boxes for gender. Snohomish County is using Party A and Party B — which at least makes it sound like a good time.

But who wants to be a lesser B to someone else's lofty A? Maybe this will become a sort of marriage fitness test. Couples that can fill out the new form without getting into a bitter power struggle are a match.

About a week out from the change, though, most counties still are using the old forms. With one section marked Groom, the other Bride.

That blew up on New York City last year. On the first day gays and lesbians could apply for licenses, two lesbians were told they had to choose who would be the bride and who, awkwardly, the groom. A local tabloid dubbed it the "Gay-nup slip-up."

"We're all struggling with how to do this, without a bunch of generic, government bureaucratese," said Chelan County's Moore.

Chelan County is more traditional than most with its wedding forms. Its application is color-coded in blue and pink.

Since 2001, it has given out commemorative certificates with a seal and a Bible verse — the one about the husband cleaving to his wife and the twain becoming one flesh.

"The pink, the Bible verse — that's all obviously got to go, for some couples," Moore said.

The county is keeping the old certificates for heterosexual couples who want them.

It's printing new ones that drop titles such as Mr. and Mrs. and use descriptions amorphous enough so as not to trouble anyone, of any sexuality or politics. Hopefully.

"I was in the Navy, so I know there are plenty of men who don't even like to be called 'spouse,' " Moore said.

Auditors also worry that licenses such as New York City's — which now shows every possible permutation, "Bride/Groom/Spouse A" — may irk some more conservative couples.

"We're honored that we get to sell some of the first marriage licenses to couples of the same gender," Moore said. "But that doesn't mean we've figured out what everybody wants to be called."

"It's a mine field."

Potato, potahto. Let's call the whole thing off?

Leave it to the public to come up with a better idea. The state is hearing input on its Spouse A, Spouse B proposal, and one citizen noted the whole point of the new marriage-equality law was to stop categorizing love and family. So why impose new categories?

"Please do not bastardize the English language where nothing is necessary," wrote Jim Fox, of Bellingham. "No Spouse-1, Partner-B, Sig-Other-X. Just eliminate them. Provide two blank lines for two people to sign, in whatever order they wish."

That's essentially what King County is doing.

Genius. We'll call each other what we please anyway. So, government, call us by no name.

They could have figured this out by looking to marriage itself.

Anyone who's married knows that when you can't think of the right way to say it, it's usually better to say nothing at all.

Double Entendre of the Day

Not in Stock at L.L.Bean

From Gay Marriage Oregon

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Never Know When You'll Need One

From Have A Gay Day

This Week's Quote

There is going to be a big bunch of weddings on the 9th at City Hall. It is so cool, even snarky me likes it. I am thinking of buying a marriage license just in case by the 9th I find someone to marry. Can you fill in the blanks later?
Sally-Anne Sadler on the city of Seattle inviting gay couples to wed at City Hall on the first day it's legal
Source:  Facebook

Wednesday, November 21, 2012