Thursday, April 26, 2012

God's Man on the Gridiron

Ron Brown, 55, is an assistant football coach at the University of Nebraska.  He also leads a Christian ministry, hosts a Christian radio show and writes a column for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes' magazine.

Are you sensing trouble?

Last month Brown testified at an Omaha City Council hearing against an ordinance protecting LGBT people from discrimination.

"The question I have for you all is, like Pontius Pilate, what are you going to do with Jesus?" he asked. "Ultimately, if you don't have a relationship with him, and you don't really have a Bible-believing mentality, really, anything goes . . . At the end of the day it matters what God thinks most."

God might've rolled his eyes that Brown gave his address as Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.  I know I did.

Barbara Baier, who sits on the Lincoln Board of Education, was peeved.  She wrote to university officials asking the coach be fired, noting the university has a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation, and that Brown creates a dismal atmosphere for gay student-athletes.

Brown is feeling cozy and warm in a martyr's mantle.  "To be fired for my faith would be a greater honor than to be fired because we didn't win enough games," Brown told The Associated Press. "I haven't lost any sleep over it. I realize at some point, we live in a politically correct enough culture where that very well could happen."

Whether that could happen to a football coach in Nebraska is the question.  Cornhuskers pray to Jesus—to beat Oklahoma.