Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Twists in the Pageant To-Do

Jenna Talackova is back in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.  Sort of.

The transgender beauty from Vancouver was disqualified because of a rule that contestants must be "naturally born" females.  Talackova was born male, knew she was female by age 4, began hormone therapy at 14 and had gender-reassignment surgery at 19.

Her disqualification earned international headlines.  With that kind of publicity, the inevitable happened:  Donald Trump and Gloria Allred got involved.

Trump owns the Miss Universe organization, which released a statement saying Talackova could compete "provided she meets the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions."

Talackova said the statement isn't clear enough. "I wish Mr. Trump would just say, in plain words, whether or not I will be allowed to compete and, if I win, whether I will be allowed to represent Canada in the Miss Universe competition," she averred. "I also want Mr. Trump to clearly state that this rule will be eliminated because I do not want any other woman to suffer the discrimination that I have to endure."

Attorney Allred noted that Talackova never demanded that Trump prove he's a naturally born male, or show his genitals.  For this we can all be grateful.