Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Used to Equality

Church was mighty interesting last Sunday.  I can’t recall a thing the minister said in his sermon, but I remember the straight folks coming up to my partner and me to ask, “When are you getting married?”  Several invited themselves to our happy event.

We hadn’t had marriage equality a week in Washington, and my theoretical wedding was already busting the budget.

Some of the gay couples were giddy.  One guy chirped to a lesbian, “I’ll invite you to my mine if you’ll invite me to yours!”

I guess I was on the giddy side, too.  I warned a straight man that he and his fiancée now officially had competition for the chapel and the minister.

Somebody suggested that, with the new glut of couples wanting to marry, the church should put in a bidding system for the choicest days.  I like that this would earn the church more money, but I don’t like that this could result in Anne and me getting married on a Tuesday morning in February.

Before the election, I didn’t allow myself to think about wedding particulars, no doubt steeling myself for possible defeat.  Now that we’ve won, I . . . have a lot to think about.

So do others.  Another gal in our church has been with her partner for decades, and they had no plans to marry.  But now their children and grandchildren are putting pressure on them to get legally hitched.

Welcome to the mainstream.