Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Month in to 2013

The first month of the new year is done.  Some of the January highlights:

--In his inaugural address, President Obama actually mentioned gay people, which has never happened before.  He called for marriage equality, and linked Stonewall with Seneca Falls and Selma.  Immediately historians began debating why pivotal events in American civil-rights history all start with “S.”

--Openly gay Richard Blanco delivered the inaugural poem, the Rev. Luis Leon offered a gay-affirming inaugural benediction, the Lesbian and Gay Band Association performed in the inaugural parade and for the first time openly gay and lesbian service members took their same-sex partners to the military’s inaugural ball.  No wonder Justice Antonin Scalia wore to the Inauguration a replica of St. Thomas More’s hat—he needed a saintly presence to help him get through it.

--A Boy Scouts of America spokesman said the group is considering lifting its infamous and longstanding ban on gay members.  A couple of Girl Scouts were heard to say, “Get on with it, you weenies!”

--Director/actress Jodie Foster gave a speech at the Golden Globes in which she came out and retired.  Or not.

--Actor Jim Nabors, aka Gomer Pyle, married his partner of 38 years, Stan Cadwallader.  The duo traveled from their home in Hawaii to Seattle to do the legal deed.  Until now, Nabors was never publicly out, but rumors have swirled around him since the French and Indian War.

--In an interview, Sen. Rand Paul, Republican of Tennessee, said he doesn’t understand same-sex marriage.  That’s fair, since same-sex marriage doesn’t understand him either.