Friday, July 19, 2013

Positive Vibrations

It’s hardly surprising that Rep. Michele Bachmann suffers from migraines.  The battles going on in her head between the way the USA is and the way she’d like it to be are fierce enough to set off wildfires, let alone headaches.

And then there’s that article of faith in the LGBT community, that Bachmann’s husband Marcus is deeper in the closet than an old tennis racket.  That, too, will set a spouse low.

A conservative consulting outfit called Strategy Group for Media sought to help the Minnesota Republican with her head.  The firm’s CEO, notes The HuffingtonPost, wanted to send Bachmann a vibrating head massager to alleviate her pain, but the employee tasked with buying it accidentally chose something a lot like a sex toy.

The group managed to intercept the gizmo before it got to Bachmann’s desk.  Apparently the conservative Christian company feared gifting the ultra-conservative congresswoman with such an item would be a mite uncomfortable.

That’s a shame.  I detest the self-aggrandizing proclivity of straight men who say all a woman needs to get over crankiness/stubbornness/lesbianism is a good lay.  But in Bachmann’s case, it sure wouldn’t hurt.