Saturday, December 7, 2013

Question of the Week

Have you ever come out during a family holiday gathering?


  1. I din't, but my ex did. His family was all around the table at Thanksgiving and his mother starts going off about the homosexuals trying to teach kids (this was during the early campaigns of the OCA (Oregon Christian Alliance later became Oregon Citizens Alliance). Ballots measures attacking gays were on every other election in the late 80s and early 90s. He got so fed up he screamed "I'm gay!" She reached across the table, drug him out of the room knocking all the food and plates off the table and shoved him out the front door. She at least called him a cab since it was a cold day.
    We laughed about it later, with her, but I'm sure it made for an interesting day for the rest of the family. Food and broken plates everywhere and no turkey for the dinner.

  2. That's one helluva story, vividly told. Since you laughed about it later with her, does that she mean she came around? Which, by the sound of things, would've been a long trip for her.