Monday, January 27, 2014

A Big Night for Many

I didn't watch the Grammy Awards last night, but I'd heard rumors that same-sex couples would get married during the show while Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert performed their anthemic hit "Same Love."  I discovered today that the reality was even better than the rumors.  Last night on live television over 30 same-sex couples AND straight couples married--the love is the same, which is the point of the song and the point of the movement.

Admittedly, the mass wedding also put me in mind of the Moonies.  Oh well.  At least these individuals actually knew the person they were marrying.

Gay icon Madonna joined Macklemore, Lewis and Lambert on stage, singing her "Open Your Heart."  Queen Latifah presided over the marrying couples.  That to me was the truly strange part, since conventional wisdom has it she's a closet case.  Irony at the Grammys.