Friday, May 9, 2014

All the News That's Fit to Guess

Have you been paying attention?  Time to find out!  Circle the correct answer to the questions below about recent events in the LGBT news.  No cheating.

1. Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and an international gay-rights lightning rod, just announced:
a. He’s hosting a show on MSNBC.
b. He’s converting to Judaism.
c. He’s getting divorced.
d. He’s leasing a popemobile from the Vatican.

2. The world’s largest gay Pride parade was held in this Latin American locale:
a. Mexico City
b. Buenos Aires
c. Sao Paulo
d. the Falkland Islands

3. Steve Wiles, a conservative North Carolina state Senate candidate who opposes same-sex marriage, lost in the primary, perhaps because it had come to light that he:
a. likes Democrats
b. hates barbecue
c. used to perform in a gay club as a drag queen called Miss Mona Sinclair
d. has a dog named Ulysses S. Grant

4. Washington’s governor appointed Mary Yu to the state Supreme Court, making her the first what on the state’s highest court?
a. the first vegetarian
b. the first Yankees fan
c. the first openly gay justice, the first Asian American justice and the first Latina justice
d. the first Pisces

5. Prominent African LGBT activist John Abdallah Wambere will seek asylum in the U.S., owing to his country’s draconian anti-homosexuality law.  Which country passed that awful law?
a. Ethiopia
b. Senegal
c. Uganda
c. Babar’s Kingdom

6. Chris Sevier filed a motion to intervene in a Florida gay marriage case, arguing that he too should have the right to marry his “preferred sexual object,” namely:
a. a 1971 VW bus
b. a manatee
c. his “porn filled Apple computer”
d. Epcot Center

The answer to every question is “c.”  I feel generous, so I’m going to assume you knew that.