Saturday, September 5, 2015

Davis, Humor and Taking the Low Road

I write humor on LGBT issues.  Hence Kim Davis is a gift from God to me.

She refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples but she's on her fourth marriage?  That level of hypocrisy comes my way only so often.  Thank you, Jesus.

Some say the refusal of the Rowan (Ky.) county clerk to do her job, to obey the law and to treat all people equally has earned her everything she's getting, from jail time to international derision.

I want to agree.  I just can't.

When I write, I try to avoid what seem to me cheap shots.  These days, my schedule being crowded, I don't have much time to write, but I can't stand the sight of a bare blog, so I post funny memes and cartoons.  I've posted a couple on Davis, but I've declined to post others, even some that made me laugh.

Like the meme with a big picture of Davis' face surrounded by the words, "When you're so anti-gay no one will do your hair."  Damn that's funny.  I wish I'd thought of it.  And I won't use it.

The there's the meme with nine separate pictures of Davis and the words, "How does someone this ugly get married four times?"  Oy.

Some of us, gay and straight, are crossing a line with Davis.  These memes are cruel.  They're personal attacks.  And, from a humor point of view, they're unnecessary--there's plenty of material to mine in the Davis case without going to the gutter.

These particular memes also made my inner "Lost-in-Space" warning--Danger, Leslie Robinson!--go off.  They smack of gay male misogyny, of the shallow impulse to castigate a woman for her looks.  I'll pass.

Mind you, I could be called out for a meme I did post.  In it Davis sits amidst the cast of "Orange Is the New Black," just one of the (imprisoned) girls.  I captioned it "Better Hope She Doesn't Bunk with Boo."  I meant that Boo, as a diehard lesbian with a fondness for revenge, would be an unpleasant and possibly violent roomie to the anti-gay Davis.  But it could be said that I was implying something even worse, that Davis would be raped.

Another meme made that much clearer, with its description of Boo as Davis' upcoming fifth husband.  Funny?  Hell yes.  Did I use it?  Hell no.  Humor is easier when you don't have a conscience.

In precisely the same vein, not long ago a meme went around Facebook showing the rotund Gov. Chris Christie in a softball uniform with the words, "Christie says female Viagra will increase lesbianism.  But not as much as this picture."

I hooted.  I wanted to post it.  But . . . it's fat-shaming.  I dithered.  Then I did a little research and discovered another reason not to use the meme. Christie never said that about lesbian Viagra.  The meme's premise--and the joke's premise--was a lie.

If only all my decisions were that easy.