Monday, November 23, 2015

A Hive of Activity

In recent weeks a lot of LGBT news has come out of Utah.  No, really.  Take this little quiz to see if you're up to speed on Beehive State doings.

1.  Judge Scott Johansen ordered a married lesbian couple to give up their eight-month-old foster child. The reason he gave, one of the women said, was . . .

a.  . . . he felt like it.
b.  . . . Jesus told him to.
c.  . . . in the research he's read children don't do well in homosexual homes.
d.  . . . in the research he's read children come from grapefruit seeds.

2.  After his ruling created a firestorm and even the Republican governor criticized him, Judge Johansen reversed his decision and took himself . . .

a.  . . . off to the library.
b.  . . . off to Wendy's.
c. . . . off the case.
d. . . . off to Borneo.

3.  The Mormon church decreed that married same-sex couples are apostates, and their children may not be baptized until they're 18.  In angry response, about 1,500 people did what in front of the temple in Salt Lake City?

a.  Mooned it.
b.  Staged a sit-in.
c.  Participated in a mass resignation.
d.  Performed "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" from "The Book of Mormon."

4.  Salt Lake City elected a new mayor, Jackie Biskupsi.  She is the city's first mayor to be  . . .

a.  . . . blonde.
b.  . . . tall.
c.  . . . openly gay.
d.  . . . half Vulcan.

The answer to each question is "c."  Come back next week when we'll have a quiz on all the gay news out of Liechtenstein.

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