Friday, September 16, 2016

Sea Change

A little over two months ago, the American military lifted its ban on transgender troops.  A week ago, at the Navy Memorial, Blake Dremann became the first openly transgender service member to be promoted.

These relatively speedy changes give even me pause, and I suspect make many a Deplorable want to jump back into his basket.

Wearing his male summer whites, Dremann was promoted from lieutenant to lieutenant commander.  Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Amanda Simpson, the highest ranking transgender person in the Department of Defense, performed the ceremony.

As if all that wasn't great enough, my favorite part of the story is the reaction of Dremann's parents, who flew in from St. Louis for the event.  Were they proud?  His mother Diane said, "He's been the apple of my eye for years and years and we finally got to make one (of his promotions)."

She also said, "I wouldn't be surprised if he'll be the first transgender admiral."

Nothing like a little parental pressure to round out any ceremony.

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