Monday, September 5, 2016

Sort of Ready to Answer the President's Call

My wife and I were standing in a long line today when she casually mentioned that she subscribes to a website called Modern Farmer.

"Apparently you and Obama have been talking behind my back," I said.

Anne noted, "Pretty soon I'm going to be issued my flannel shirt."

Well, she isn't really headed to the heartland to take up farming and aggravating Red Staters.  But she actually does get Modern Farmer in her inbox, and has an eye on raising chickens in the future.

I dunno.  When Rush Limbaugh alerted America to the Obama administration's plan of subsidizing lesbians to become farmers so we can "attack rural states," it sounded like Rush expected us dykes to make a serious agricultural commitment.

We're supposed to plow 500 acres in Missouri.  Raising a couple of chickens in Vermont suggests Anne's heart isn't in it.