Friday, November 18, 2016

These First 10 Days

Here we are, 10 days out from that awful, no good, very bad Election Day. Since that day, there have been over 700 incidents of harassment around the country, reports the Southern Poverty Law Center, with 80 of those being anti-LGBT.

It's mourning in America.

In his recent interview with "60 Minutes," president-elect Donald Trump surprised everyone when he described same-sex marriage as having been "settled" by the Supreme Court.  The matter is "done" and he's "fine with that."

He wasn't fine with it during the campaign, saying he would "strongly consider" appointing Supreme Court justices who would overturn marriage equality.   Is he lying now?  Then?  Does he know?

Today we learned that Trump wants Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general. The Alabama senator consistently earned zeroes on HRC's Congressional Scorecard, due to his penchant for voting against LGBT rights every chance he got.  The Advocate reports that in one session he zoomed to an HRC score of 15 out of 100 because he voted to confirm a gay federal judge.  I can only assume some bad Senate bean soup that day put him off his game.

Did I start by saying it was a terrible Election Day?  Yes, the top race had a ghastly result, but there were positive results as well.  Oregon became the first state to elect an openly LGBT governor by choosing bisexual Kate Brown.  It looks like North Carolina has dumped Gov. Pat McCrory, he of HB2 infamy, for Democrat Roy Cooper.

But McCrory is now claiming voter fraud.  His campaign says dead people voted.  That could be--I'm thinking a bunch of deceased transgender folks, angered by Gov. Bathroom, came back to flush McCrory away.

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