Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Visiting a Shrine on Election Day

Did you see, courtesy of the all-day live feed from WROC in Rochester, N.Y., the thousands of women, children and men who stood in line to visit Susan B. Anthony's grave on this Election Day?  The line was so long you might've thought the Macy's Santa was at the end of it.

These pilgrims took pictures and left their "I Voted" stickers on her grave.  One of millions who watched the feed on Facebook, I thought about Anthony's bitter fight for women's suffrage and how this day represents, in the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the culmination of Anthony's struggle.  This was a day for pride and gratitude.  And weepiness.

We'll never know whether Anthony was, as some historians believe, a lesbian. After today, though, we know something else noteworthy:  she remains a powerful symbol for many.  The Susan B. Anthony dollar was unpopular, but Anthony herself is gold.