Friday, February 24, 2017

The All-American LGBT Quiz

What a week in the U.S. of A.  Have you been able to follow all the LGBT news?  Take this quick quiz and find out.

1.  Professional provacateur Milo Yiannopoulos lost his book deal, his speaking engagement at CPAC and his job at Breitbart News.  It wasn't Yiannopoulos' flame-throwing racism, sexism or transphobia that led to his downfall.  What was it that caused conservatives to cut ties with their openly gay pet monkey?

a.  He accused Nancy Reagan of having bad taste.
b.  He accused Ronald Reagan of being soft on communism.
c.  He seemed to endorse pedophilia.
d.  He danced naked around the Washington Monument.

2.  Grace Slick, lead singer for Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship, licensed the Starship hit "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" for use in a commercial by the anti-LGBT company Chick-fil-A.  Slick said she'll donate all the proceeds to which outfit?

a.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
b.  The Democratic Party.
c.  Lambda Legal.
d.  The Haight-Ashbury Home for Alive-Against-All-Odds Psychedelic Rockers.

3.  The Trump administration cruelly withdrew Obama-era protections for transgender students.   Education Secretary DeVos opposed the change, but lost the battle to whom?

a.  White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.
b.  Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.
c.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
d.  Lord High Everything Else Pooh-Bah.

4.  Recently retired Candice Wiggins claimed 98 percent of WNBA players are gay.  Further, being straight caused her to be . . .

a.  . . . lonely.
b.  . . . a bad shooter.
c.  . . . bullied and harrassed.
d.  . . . never picked for reindeer games.

5.  A new study indicated that in states where same-sex marriage was adopted, gay high school students immediately became less likely to . . .

a.  . . . belch.
b.  . . . get acne.
c.  . . . attempt suicide.
d.  . . . dunk cafeteria fries in chocolate pudding.

The answer to each question is "c."  If you aced this quiz, congratulations, and would you mind telling me how you're able to keep up so well?