Friday, March 17, 2017

Adventures in Hypocrisy

This happens so frequently, and yet I never tire of it.  That probably doesn't say a lot for me, but oh well.

I'm speaking of when a Christian conservative is found with his family values around his ankles.

In the most recent case, Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey was caught in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy last week in Moore.  Shortey, 35, now faces three felonies:  soliciting the prostitution of a minor; transportation for the purpose of prostitution; and, my personal favorite, prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church.

Sure enough, the senator and the teenager weren't conducting a Bible study at the Super 8.  Via text, Shortey had said he'd pay the boy for "sexual stuff."

And also sure enough, Shortey attended Bible college, is married to a woman and has three kids.  He always voted anti-gay, and was the county coordinator for the Trump campaign.  Prior to this notable incident, Shortey was best known for introducing a bill to ban the use of aborted human fetuses . . . in food.

Oklahoma knows how to deal with a gun-loving, illegal-immigrant-hating conservative Christian Republican who suddenly reveals himself to be a horse of a potentially rainbow color.  The AP reported that before Shortey "was even arrested or formally charged, Senate workers already had scraped his name from his office door, changed the locks and painted over his name in the parking lot."

You know the expression gone but not forgotten.  In Oklahoma City, Shortey is not gone but forgotten.

He isn't alone when it comes to recent cases of flaming GOP hypocrisy. Consider another state senator, Joey Hensley of Tennessee, a veritable Richard the Lionheart in the service of conservative Christian values.

Especially when it comes to LGBT people.  Hensley pushed Tennessee's memorable "Don't Say Gay" bill, and now he's sponsoring legislation to make children created using donor sperm illegitimate, a clear swipe at gay families.

But this pillar of morality, who has been married and divorced four times, was just named in court during a local mayor's divorce proceedings.  It seems Hensley, a doctor, has been having an affair with his married nurse.  Who's also his patient.  And his second cousin.

Really people, you behave like hypocrisy is a career goal.