Thursday, July 20, 2017

Seattle Sue Comes Out

We lesbians in Seattle have long suspected it, and now it's confirmed:  Sue Bird is gay.

The stellar Seattle Storm point guard came out in an espnW story posted today.  Furthermore, Bird is dating openly gay Seattle Reign FC star forward Megan Rapinoe.

We suspected that, too.  My we're good.

How fortuitous for Bird and Rapinoe that they're both pro athletes playing in the same city in leagues with similar schedules.  The goddess of women's sports practically threw them together.  And if they tire of talking about sports, they can move on to other things they have in common, like beauty, wealth and fame.  Really, how could they not be an item?

As a Storm season-ticket holder, my only concern is how this relationship will impact Bird.  If love starts to make the ball handler butterfingered on the court, the Reign must do the responsible thing and trade Rapinoe.  To Beijing.