Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump Trashes Transgender Troops

So this morning that president of ours tweeted that transgender people will not be allowed in the military.

Which is worse?  That Trump chose today, the 69th anniversary of President Truman's executive order integrating the military, to launch discrimination? That between college deferments and those infamous bone spurs in his heels, Trump himself evaded military service?  That this move deflects attention from the White House's swampiness?  And panders to anti-LGBT Christian conservatives?  And puts pressure on Democrats in key states?

How about that this announcement caught the Pentagon off guard?  Or that transgender people were finally allowed to serve openly just last year, and now they have to deal with being marched right back into the closet?  Or that Trump is using patriotic Americans as political cannon fodder?

I wish to God that back when he was avoiding Vietnam he had fled to Canada. Then he'd be their problem.